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    - Moddera Logistics founded in 2014, in order to serve the reflection of the experience of 24 years working in Logistics and Supply Chain management business in Automotive Industry in Turkey and various countries in Europe and in Japan and gives suitable service to the customers in their import and export business with wide experienced team.



    - Moddera Logistics has become a company of choice with the solid experience and energy of its team and the solutions they provide to ad-hoc and mid to long term needs of its customers. Moddera with its customer centric and results oriented approach has become a trusted, prefered partner of its customers in a very short period of time.



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    - Moddera Logistics commits to inform its customers at all stages of process like as delivery, departure, arrival info proactively and with transperancy.



    - Besides domestic and international road, sea, air and railway transportation services, Moddera Logistics -via through contracted agencies- provides services on customs operations, warehousing and all kinds of trasportation across world’s main logistics centers.


  • - Proactive & Transparent Communication
    - Genchi Genbutsu (Go and Observe The Problems By Yourself)
    - Respect to Human, Labor and Environment
    - Harmonious Team Work
    - Customer & Solution Oriented Problem Solving
    - Employee Satisfaction




What did they say? »

Testimonial Image 1 “Logistics is the Last Dark Continent of the Economy, and the most ignored but the brightest business field in the future.”
-Peter Drucker - Management Guru (1909-2005)
Testimonial Image 2 "In the future, the competition of the companies will not be between their products or the consumed countries but , will be between their supply chain they use."
-Prof. Martin CHRISTOPHER Cranfield University, United Kingdom
Testimonial Image 3 " Just In Time concept is to be perceived as ; both early and late delivery are the same problem, meaning that early delivery is as dangerous as late delivery."
-Taiichi Ohno 大野耐一 (Founder of Toyota Production System 1912-1990)
"Our main target in logistics and transportation is to deliver the correct amount of the goods , on the correct time, on the correct destination, in an appropriate method."